• Deeply influenced by Jazz, Afro funk and psychedelic grooves, LëKSs is an eclectic DJ, producer, and saxophone player who can’t be pinned down to a particular set of genres.
    Co-founder of the Tsunami, Atmosphere HK, and Paragon Sound System collectives, he is also one-half of the sound/visual/craft duo ►►△ [Tree-Angles] as well as a member of the active trio running «POMEGRANATE Sounds», a record label and a radio show connecting musical influences as eclectic as the infamous Hong Kong club night it takes its name from.


  • Known for distinctively fusing her French roots with varied musical inspirations found while living in Asia, Selekta Sève is one of the founders of Pomegranate Sounds [record label] and a longtime selector in the Hong Kong underground music scene. She initially began to buy reggae /dub vinyls during business trips in Europe, which fueled a passion for digging for the most obscure music from Africa to Asia to the Middle East, South America, and beyond.
    She’s played at the “Lufuky Stink”, brought the Afro-Funk to both “Secret Island Party,” and “Clockenflap” and collaborated to produce events including “La Fête de la Musique” at Central Pier 10, Anchorsong [Japan] at XXX, and the “Pomegranate” residency at Oma. Selekta Sève is also half of the ►►△ [Tree-Angles] duo [with LëKSs], who are creating a dynamic yet retrospective sense of the future through their visuals installations, and global fusion beats.